Face of Development - Favorite among the leaders of India Inc

Modi frequently refers to his P2G2 (Pro-people good governance) formula to substantiate his claims on holistic development. Some observers are of the opinion that Gujarat has been able to improve its agricultural output despite being a semi-arid state. The credit is given to the Gujarat government's measures to scale up groundwater projects and initiatives to increase the use of micro-irrigation. India Inc. is almost unanimous in their verdict. They want Narendra Modi as the next PM. Reason? They seek a strong leadership that has a clear road-map and actionable plans ready for execution. Indian business leaders from Ratan Tata to Mukesh Ambani seem to be convinced that for India to come out of its Gross Domestic Paralysis, a visionary and decisive leadership is essential. Empirical evidence suggests that Gujarat has been able to position itself as a lucrative destination for investment. Under his aegis, according to a political commentator, the level of corruption receded and technology parks have seen the light of the day. His iconic call for "Minimum Government and Maximum Governance" has frequently struck the chord with the masses. With so many brand images of Narendra Modi existing in a juxtaposed manner, it is to be seen which one suited his greater agenda and helped him in winning the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.


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Douglas | 2017-02-04 05:56:55 | Reply

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