PM Modi's Japan visit

Media in India are positive about Prime Minister Narendra Modi's upcoming visit to Japan, saying it shows his "stamp" on foreign policy and his "vision" for Asia.

The five-day visit, which starts on 30 August, is Mr Modi's first trip to Japan as prime minister. Media reports say nuclear energy cooperation, joint production of rare earth metals, defence collaboration and economic ties are high on Mr Modi's agenda.

Newspapers and commentators feel the visit reflects Mr Modi's attempt to balance ties with key world powers and to strengthen India's position in the international community. "Mr Modi has already bared a two-fold focus to build a pragmatic, dynamic policy that ends the era of belated, reactive diplomacy: Proactively regain India's clout in its own strategic backyard and build closer but differentially calibrated collaboration with major powers", analyst Brahma Chellaney writes in the Hindustan Times.

Mr Chellaney welcomes India's growing ties with Japan.

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