Seven things to watch out for during PM Narendra Modi's Japan visit

Modi has huge expectations from Japan which could fulfil his dream of improving infrastructure, create jobs, encourage innovation and boost economy. Expanding economic and business cooperation therefore will be a key component of his agenda in Tokyo.

Here are seven things to watch out for during his visit:

1. Delhi and Tokyo will explore and deliberate on doubling current Japanese FDI into India during the next five years. This is directly proportional to number of Japanese companies in India (currently numbering 1072) doubling in India in next five years.

2. Presence of whos who of Indian business tycoons in Tokyo coinciding with Modi's trip will play a key part increasing FDI inflows into India as they explore Japanese partners for new ventures.

3. Modi was also keen to get mega 1.7 trillion USD from Japan over next five years for creation of a fund that would support the country's infrastructure and economy.

4. A big ticket item that will be highlight of Modi's Tokyo trip will be substantial agreement for supply of rare earth metals from India.

5. A key milestone from the visit will be MoU between EXIM Bank of India and Japan Bank of International Cooperation (JBIC).

6. An important element in India-Japan Joint Statement following Modi-Abe Summit on September 1 will be expression of Japan's interest to fund High Speed Railways in India.

7. While civilian nuclear deal may not concluded in this trip owing to differences over 'no-test' clause in the agreement, Modi will reiterate India's commitment to disarmament and moratorium on nuclear tests during the banquet speech.


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